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Falling In Love with Mansur Gavriel Sun Bags

Mansur Gavriel‘s strength is always their well edited line, especially when it comes to bags. And this Fall, there’s the perfect bag for the perfect sunsets: the Sun Bag.sun-bag-hero

Sun Bags are reminiscent of the ever popular Bucket Bags from MG, because they sport the same string dressing all around the top part of the bag. It’s admirable that they can both go back to their roots and take in a new form factor.

Boxy bags are becoming a prominent hand accessory, and the Sun Bags are – in Mansur Gavriel’s ever growing universe – the perfect mix of what makes Mansur Gavriel the brand that it is today, and the way the market is going: everlasting lust to boxy shaped bags.

There are four sizes for this amazing bag. Large, the Regular Sun Bags, Mini, and Mini Mini.


Large Sun Bag



Regular Sun Bag

The Large and Regular sizes have an interior that is separated by a middle zippered slit. It’s nice to have a bag where you can organize your stuff inside. The smaller bags, which is the Mini and Mini Mini, don’t have any partitions due to their teeny tiny sizes.


Mini Sun Bag



Mini Mini Sun Bag

It’s a great bag with a great price and doesn’t make it a purchase that would break the bank. The only thing about Mansur Gavriel bags is there’s always a limited availability and they normally sell out within the day they restock – whether in their direct website, or select distributors.

Do you have one? Is it as fabulous as it looks? Or a schtick bag that you’d get tired of after some time? Share your experiences with the Sun Bag in the comments!

Images from Mansur Gavriel.

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