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Gucci Leather Messenger with Web

Yes, Gucci has a line of so many superfluous printed bags. They’re fantastic and mesmerizing at the same time. But sometimes the best pieces are the muted ones. So in the presence of the Leather Messenger with the classic green and red web, it’s so refreshing to see something bare bones Gucci.


There’s not much to look for in a messenger. Form factors are standard. But there’s something that draws you in about the simplicity of a leather flap with Gucci’s web.


The dark chocolate color is so deliciously dyed that it’s something you’d easily designate as an everyday bag, whether to work or for your daily routines. Some messengers opt to use cotton or any other kind of fabric as a sling, but Gucci’s decided to use full leather. Your shoulder is going to smell like leather, and that’s so sexy.


The bag has a nice wide base to allow a number of things to be carried cross body. The only problem here is the web. It’s a nice woven cotton and a nice design detail, but as it rubs against your body it can get snagged and can get “fluffy” over time. It could also get smeared with liquids, so be careful.


The bag is as simple as it gets, and it’s nice that the web continues to drop to the back side. Normally bags have a simple, no detail back side, but this one’s elegantly designed. Just wondering how practical the webs really are in the rumble-and-tumble of sling bags. If you have a trick on how to keep the web from getting rough over the years, sound off in the comments!

The bag opens up to a beautiful beige and bright lining, with pockets and zippers to help you organize smaller things. It has a suede finish, and in any suede or light colored material, they can get stained if not looked after properly.

It’s hard to imagine passing up on this classic. So if you’re looking for a messenger to be there for you each step of the way, consider the Gucci Leather Messenger with Web for your next bag.

Images from Gucci.

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