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Hard To Like: The Givenchy Horizon

Barney’s wrote a couple of months ago that the Givenchy Horizon is the must have bag. But I find the bag hard to like. And here are the reasons why.

Givenchy Horizon Medium Barneys (1)

It’s been a few months since the bag came out. And there’s only been a few times I’ve seen this in Givenchy’s shelves, and even rarer to see it hitting the streets in the arms of someone whose actually bought one. If you need to know more about the Givenchy Horizon, here’s a few points about it.

Horizon sizes

It comes in three sizes, Medium, Small, and the continuously prevalent Mini sizes. The Minis get a special treatment, because they come in a wider selection of leathers (exotics included) and colors.

Givenchy Horizon Medium Barneys (3)

Don’t forget that the bags come with shoulder straps, so in any size you can enjoy carrying the bag cross body or otherwise. So, sure it’s a boxy bag with some sort of obi looking belt across it. They snap off from behind. It loosens the bag a bit, but perhaps its more of a design dressing than a functional detail. I don’t think the bag’s belt is anything to drool about.

Givenchy Horizon Medium Barneys (4)

Despite being an open tote, it’s quite tight to get in and out of. The gussets fold into the bag, and for sure you can push them out. But for an open tote, I’d expect a better access point. There’s so much space the bag takes in the outside, but the inside holds so little.

Givenchy Horizon Medium Barneys (5)

Shape-wise, it’s definitely a good looking bag. It has a strong shape, clean lines, and very sharp and sleek arm candy for sure. But it’s just perhaps trying too hard to play alongside the Birkins and Sac De Jours in the market.

Givenchy Horizon Medium Barneys (2)

Images from Givenchy and Barney’s.

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