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Odd or Beautiful? The Gucci Ghost Tote

When it comes to prints, Gucci’s got it going on – no question about it. But as far as form factors are concerned, Gucci may not quite get it right. Let’s see why.

Gucci Ghost Totes

Gucci Ghost Tote in Large and Medium sizes.

We’ve seen the XL Totes before. In full leather, in printed GG Supreme coated canvas, and it struck me a bit odd. How can such a big bag have such uncomfortable handles? Makes you wonder if it’s a practical bag, or simply a show piece.

So they took this odd bag and collaborated with GucciGhost – aka Trouble Andrew – to design a line for Gucci. From what I’ve gathered, in 2012, Trouble Andrews wanted to make a costume for Halloween, and his idea was to use a ghost mask with the eyes fashioned as Gucci’s Double Gs. Through social media, he kept making hand drawn designs mimicking Gucci’s monogram pattern, thinking he’ll keep doing it until either he “gets sued or gets hired.” It was only a matter of time until Alessandro Michelle, Gucci’s Creative Director, decided to collaborate with GucciGhost for the men’s Fall/Winter 2016 line. So I guess he didn’t get sued, and good for him!

So Alessandro picked several lines of items – XL Totes, among others – for GucciGhost to draw on. And the results are fantastic. The bag’s usability though is debatable. So even though the design is beautiful, perhaps there are a few quirks about it.

The smaller Medium sized bags are more sensible though, because they come with a shoulder strap to allow easier carrying. It is, after all, a bag. I wish they had shoulder straps with the Large ones too though!

Do you like the GucciGhost line? More bags available online and in stores!

Images from Gucci.


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