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New 2016 Speedy Bandoulière Empreinte

Beyond the coated canvas, there’s another monogram in town. It’s not new to have a Speedy Bandoulière in full leather. But this 2016, there’s definitely a new full leather Speedy in town.

Speedy Empreinte 2016 Hero

Speedy Bandoulière 30, 25, and 20.

We’ve seen Empreinte leather Speedys before. They had full monogramming by way of pressed leather, beautiful in its own right of course, but perhaps only spoke to a specific Speedy lover. They had a quiet fan fare for a time, and one could call it underrated.

Speedy Empreinte before.jpg

The now “then” Empreinte Speedys

If the then Empreinte Speedys merged with Saint Laurent’s Classic Duffle, you’d end up with the 2016 version. Hopefully this paves the way for years to come.

Speedy Empreinte 2016.jpg

The 2016 Empreinte Speedy Bandoulière

Aside from the new design, there’s also the new size, a Speedy 20. Five centimeters smaller than the usual Speedy 25, and we can draw two conclusions if this is a main stay: 1) bigger bags may become a thing of the past (the coated canvas lines still has your beloved 35s and 40s), and 2) the market is still instatiably thirsty for teeny-tiny bags.

I still can’t shake the feeling of a rip-off here. Weren’t the Duffles the one that came out with pockets outside? Oh well, to each their own. Saint Laurent Duffles have lost their luster over the years. And its traction to fame has slowed down as years went by. They’re still available, dare I say, in rare occassions. As for the debate who came first with what, voice out in the comments section.

Saint Laurent Classic Duffle 12.jpg

Laurent Classic Duffle 6

Louis Vuitton has also released their Bandoulière straps recently. Riding on the waves that Fendi has so successfully set, it seems every luxury fashion house (or every LVMH affiliated company) has come out with straps to fill the bag accessory department. So it makes sense from a business perspective to tout the new LV Empreinte Speedys as the perfect bag to strap-on these novelty straps.

LV Bandouliere 3

LV Bandouliere 4

LV Bandouliere 1

LV Bandouliere 2

The bags have a more finesse interior compared to the classic Speedys. No more hanging pockets stitched to the top. Double pullers are always a plus. Outside pockets are also convenient for those easy in-and-out stuff you don’t have to stow inside your bag as you go about your day.

Speedy 20 Interiors

Love them? I’m ecstatic! It’s been so long since the Speedy’s been re-imagined in a way that makes it worth the purchase. Too bad there aren’t any 35s, but I guess I’ll just have to get used to a slightly smaller bag. (Or settle for an SC Bag instead?)

Images from Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent.


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