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The Yummy Gucci Marmont Matelassé

At some point, we have to get used to Gucci’s new  approach to things. And some things will get made over, such as your favorite interlocking GGs. They’ve changed now, welcome to the new era. In case you missed the new stylized logo, you can look at the GG Marmont Matelassé Top Handle Bag on either side to know the changes.

Light-GG-Marmont-matelass-top-handle-bag Hero

Gucci won’t give up. They’ll keep churning out new bags and saturate the market. It seems the Italian power fashion house will keep on pushing and pulling on all sides of the hand bag industry until it finds itself at the top. And why wouldn’t you root for them if the designs are like this?


I sound like a broken record when I say boxy bags are the best. Easy to tote + easy to fill = easy to love. The Matelassé is a beautiful simple tote that allows you to go through your work day without having to fuss around zippers and clunky hardware.

The bag’s simple chevron-like textures is so elegant. Understandably, these silent pieces from Gucci is hard to get by nowadays, especially when they’re penchant of spewing out overly adorned bags for everyone keeping the simpler ones in the shadows.


I especially like that the hardware is antique gold. And that Gucci continues to use a suede finish lining. The middle zippered compartment could be a blessing or a useless divider. And the bag has a detachable sling in case you prefer having the option to carry the bag over your shoulder.

There are actually two faces of the bag that are both beautiful in its own right. Perhaps that’s why I have a liking to this bag (because it has two faces). There’s one that has the hardware GGs. And the other side has the stitched GGs.



That was one of the things that instantly drew me to this bag. And maybe because I’m ready for a red bag to add to my collection. Black leather available too of course.

Images from Gucci.


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