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Know Your Balenciaga: City, Velo, and Town

No matter how tired you are with it, Balenciaga has reached a level of staple that you won’t be able to break from in the next several years. So let’s get to know its most popular bag lines. The City, the Velo, and the Town


City. Velo. Town.

Sure Balenciaga comes out with new designs from time to time (and the Bazar bag is something I would like to discuss at another time!) But there are house staples in every brand. Balenciaga has a way of making their bag designs confusing to those not familiar with the brand, because they all look the same but called in varying style names. Here’s an attempt to clarify which is which.


Balenciaga City

Naturally they come in varying sizes, but the classic City bags are the East-West  orientation of the bag’s probably one and only fashion face: the motorcycle bag. They come with all the Balenciaga standards, the hanging mirror, the zipper pulls with extended leather strips, and the studs that get adorned in many ways. You have a wide selection of colors, exotic leathers, and metallic hardware to choose from. When you see an adjective, saying Classic, Giant (among others) it normally refers to the kind of hardware used.

Balenciaga Velo

The Velo is a North-South orientation tote of the same bag. Perhaps it’s less popular than the City, but I favor it more than the other. It has the same look, but slightly more different. Its choices are a bit more conservative than the City. But it’s just as beautiful. Perhaps even more, at least for me.

Balenciaga Town

So here’s the odd thing. The Town bag is inbetween the City and the Velo as far as shapes are concerned. It’s not quite the Town, and it’s not quite the Velo.  It’s taller than the City, but shorter than the Velo. The top tapers ever so slightly, and the bottom bloats to an ever-so-slightly curve. It’s an odd shape, and I guess it covers all the bases as far as form factors go.

So in case you are looking to add a Balenciaga into your handbag collection, make sure you know which is which. I sure know I love the Velo more than the City, and I’d pass on the Town, but maybe because of my bias towards North-South  totes!

Images from Balenciaga.


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