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Open The Doors: Dior Open Bar

Dior has always been a fascination. And they have a modest selection of bags that’s so fantastically edited, nothing seems to go to market that isn’t a stone groove smash hit wonder.Open Bar Hero

What has Dior done in the past year? Claimed a space in the handbag market, that’s what. Compared to other fashion houses out there, Dior has a niche set of well curated bags. The diversity is in sizing and materials. And for many brands out there, having a piece of luxury bag market share is a challenge in itself. But they’ve done it somehow. And how can they not, when they keep churning up bags like this, the Open Bar.


And as all Dior bags are, you can see luxury in every corner. Leather lined, excellently placed hardware, and a bag that contains a clasp that can make both sides meet to make it a bit secure, as it is an open tote. It’s interesting to see when the bag is open in its sides with its wings and all.


It’s available in large and small sizes, and naturally a modest number of colors only, just the way Dior likes to do it.

Images from Dior.

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