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Hit It Up with the Hermès Garden Party

It’s not always about the Birkins and the Kellys. Sometimes the simpler the design, the more alluring they are. Just like the Hermès Garden Party.

Garden Party Carried

A good leather bag is always simple and sturdy, that is both fun and functional. The Garden Party tote is just that. What’s so special about it is it’s a two form bag in my eyes. You can tuck the sides in or you can unclasp the sides and leave it winged open.

Garden Party 36 Front

There’s a huge selection of materials and colors when it comes to the Garden tote, with two sizes to choose from (30cm or 36cm).

Other than the middle clasp, it’s an otherwise open tote. It’s lined with Hermès chevron textile, and has a double leather base. It’s so simply wonderful, I can’t believe it’s not just as desirable as Hermès’ big name bag lines.

Images from Hermès.

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