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There’s Something About the Sangles

Céline has been somehow changing the tastes of consumers in the last several seasons. In case you’re a fan of Céline, you’ll notice they’ve been leaving behind the Phantoms, modestly updating the Luggages, and focusing on new designs. Like the Sangles.

Celine Sangle Hero

And really, who doesn’t love an easy to tote bag, in full calfskin leather, with pockets all round it, and a wide opening, right? If you’re in the hunt for one, these Sangle bags are just what you might need.

The Winter 2016 collection in this designs does away with nubucks and suedes of Fall 2016 and focuses on the smooth leathers that you’ll need any season actually. There are a couple of things I find odd with the bag though. One thing is it’s debatably detachable slings. Perhaps it can be folded in half so you can carry it as a clutch, and I guess I don’t see the appeal in that. Second is why the handles aren’t full leather. It always feels like a brand’s cop-out to cut costs when the handles aren’t full leather.

But this is not to bash the Sangles. Don’t get me wrong: I love this bag. And if you love it too, check them out at Céline stores right now!


Images from Céline.

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