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Gucci Totes are Totally Bee-autiful

Yes, we love Gucci. So much, that a few pieces from the fashion house ain’t enough.


The Web Animalier GG Supreme Tote is a mishmash of so many things, it’s quite difficult to understand how it all comes together. One thing’s for sure, when a tote comes around this good, don’t pass it up.


The lining!

The bag’s aesthetic and construction is to die for, but what makes this piece a stand out one is the lining is suede. No matter how awesome Gucci’s bags are, its deplorable they use light colored fabric on their bags in most cases. Though it’s lined with microfiber, it has this nice earthy faux suede texture that makes it so much lush than the usual Gucci lining.


Patches are Gucci’s stand out differentiator with other brands. And perhaps they found their niche. Understandably these prints and patches could be polarizing to the male population, but I happen to lean towards celebrating the funner side in this case.


Metal feline head details

It’s all in the small details, and why shy away from a bit of hardware? Not sure why felines and bees mix, but they’re just adorable small little things that add up to one big pow of a bag.


Even the slings don’t rest only for purpose. They fork into two adjustable buckled straps just to prove that Gucci is a design genius nowadays (or simply so that more hardware buckles pierce you when carrying this cross body).


The back is a simple slate of coated monogrammed canvas. Which I wouldn’t have any other way. Bag back zippers snitch and snatch on trousers, so the simpler the back the better for me.



Perhaps Gucci has made it’s mark in the world as a maker of mixed this and that and ends up so elegantly beautiful. Do you see Gucci spewing bags in the next five to ten years like this? The past four seasons as far as I can remember has been a hit after hit, and there doesn’t seem to be any stopping to all this beautiful madness.


Images from Gucci and Mr. Porter.


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