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Givenchy’s Fall 2016 Men’s Nightingales

Fall is right around the corner, and Givenchy has set it all up for us next season. And the men’s Nightingales are just what you need for the season.

Men's Nightingale

Sure the women’s Nightingales got a make over. Or was it a make under? The simpler approach to a beloved classic was nothing short of a success. Where else can we find the hip, street, sweet sophistication other than the house of Givenchy?

Though bags allude to a gender, it was never something that boys couldn’t pull off. The Nightingale has always been a gender neutral design in my opinion. But my desire for big bags is always satisfied in the men’s department of things. So the bigger Nightingales were always my bag of choice across the line.

There are three season key pieces this year. A front pocketed Nightingale with contrasting stitches, very functional. A stand out tan piece (so beautiful) except for the laser cut Givenchy words spelled out, and a croc stamped piece that wins them all (for me, at least).

Grab a bag at  your Givenchy stores soon, I know I will!

Nightingale Front PocketNightingale TanNightingale Croc Stamped

Images from Givenchy.


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