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The Gorgeous Gucci Duffle with Web

Gucci has taken us to new heights for handbags. And the boys department isn’t taking a back seat. It seems no print or embroidery is for men or women. Anyone can enjoy and tote them around.

Gucci Duffle with Web

GG Supreme and Light Floral Tapestry colorways.

Did Gucci cast a spell on us? How can they win our hearts at every turn? Because from the looks of it, everything is insatiable. In fact, we can’t seem to get enough. And there’s no sign of stopping.

Stepping into a Gucci store nowadays is a whirlwind. Printed this, monogram that, and embellishments inbetween. From clothes, to small accessories, and of course the bags. Rows and rows of hardware, patches, leather and coated canvases. And you’d think only the women’s section gets the favorable treatment. But every time I stumble upon these special pieces, it makes me gleeful to know that my love for prints is not just exclusively enjoyed in the form of women’s bags.

Check out these Duffel bags with Gucci’s classic Web, and just let all that Gucci razzle dazzle wash over you.


Images from Gucci.

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