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Louis Vuitton’s New Packaging Hits Stores

Say goodbye to Brown, or as the French call it: marron.


In case you haven’t been shopping at LV stores the last several weeks, you’ll notice, with slight curiousity, why people are walking out of the stores with different colored, and bolder boxes and papers bags.

LVMH announced early August that there will be a new color for your favorite LV items.

The iconic brown chocolate color of Louis Vuitton packaging has been replaced by a bright saffron dubbed “Safran Impérial”. Recently seen during the “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez” exhibition, the color in fact first appeared early in the history of the Maison, as can be seen in many iconic heritage pieces. In particular, the saffron tone is found on the “Citroën” trunk made by Louis Vuitton for an expedition to Africa organized by the automaker in 1924.

My last store purchase was a couple of months ago, and I still brought home the chocolate brown papers. The first time I saw this, I thought, why are they imitating Hermès? It looks orange on some Instagram posts of those who’ve been shopping this August 2016 at Louis Vuitton stores.

At times, LV would tie a special colored ribbon on the boxes and paper bags to signify a Holiday purchase, or a special edition purchase. So throughout August, I had thought they’re just going full swing on the last men’s fashion show with Safari themes and mad animal prints. But I guess yellow bags with blue handles/ribbons are here to stay.

Are you ready for this change? Or are you pining for the brown boxes you’ve amassed so far? Or do you even care about packaging at all?

Images from LVMH.

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