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Croc Stamped Sac De Jour

My several high love and heartbreaks with the Sac De Jour has made me feel on and off about the bag. I’ve let it go to pursue other bag dreams. But this year I’ve gone into a bag abyss, not knowing what that great next bag to buy.


So, in my search for the next bag to add to my collection, I revisited the Sac De Jour at my favorite Saint Laurent store, and I was stunned.

Sac De Jours have gone into popularity in its smaller size points. Small (which really looks like a medium if you ask me), Baby, and Nano. These bags are insane – or perhaps I’ve become such an old fart that I don’t appreciate the small bag trend.

But I’ve always loved the larger sizes. I was enamored when Saint Laurent decided to designate Large SDJs as a men’s bag. They made it even bigger.


Through the years, the bag has changed from suede lining, then to fabric lining, then they resized the dimensions making it squarer. So it was surprising to arrive at the Saint Laurent store and find out that many things have changed since my last heartbreak about the changes.


It turns out, the Sac De Jour has taken a new form on the inside. Calf leather lining, and much lighter construction. (Earlier versions were top heavy because of the double leather on leather construction.)  The middle zippered compartment is now – wait for it – detachable! That was the greatest feature. I no longer fancy a zippered middle pocket. Though I have other bags that have this kind of interior, I never actually use them (other than parting my bag contents into two). So you buy a bag and you also get a detachable clutch in case you need it, which is great as you transition from work during the day to an event at night, and leave the big honking bag in the car perhaps.


The removable middle compartment serves as a detachable clutch.


Smooth leather interior. With hooks for shoulder straps.

I’m so happy to have found that the Sac De Jour’s experiential stage has evolved to one where I don’t find any compromises made. And I guess this year is the year when I could probably make the jump and add the Sac De Jour to my modest collection.

Images from Barney’s.


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