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Big Love for the Montaigne GM

The longer you look, the more you’ll love it.

Montaigne GM Hero

Montaigne is a baby when it comes to longevity. It’s a design released from 2014. It’s a wonderful bag shape that takes in three sizes, GM, MM, BB, and a novelty Nano size.

louis-vuitton-montaigne-gm-monogram-empreinte-leather-handbags--M41069_PM2_Front view

The top handles are interesting here. It’s fastened inside, and since the bag has a cross body sling, you can (if your stuff inside the bag isn’t in the way) tuck the handles inward so you can have an unobtrusive cross body sling.

louis-vuitton-montaigne-gm-monogram-empreinte-leather-handbags--M41069_PM1_Interior view

It’s an open tote, but you have a middle compartment that you can close with double pull zippers. And you can clasp the front onto the back to secure your items just in case. Inside is microfiber lining with pockets for those little knickknacks you love to carry.

New bags from Louis Vuitton of late are often trendy and doesn’t look like it’s something that will fade in time. But of course, you can never tell with fashion and really only time can tell. But some of the designs are so timeliness, that when you take a second look, you’ll find details you might not have picked up the first time, and you stop and wonder, this could very well be your next bag to purchase.

Images from Louis Vuitton.


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