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Boys And Bottega Veneta: Leather Messengers

A day with the boys, and a love for leather messengers

Bottega’s signature woven look, mixed with smooth leather, in a messenger form factor, are probably the three best things that could be combined in one. Bottega is a fabulously wonderful brand. And there’s so much to love about it.


Imppecably crafted and in beautiful color, the Intrecciato washed-leather messenger bag is a classic that you shouldn’t pass up. Unlike other messengers conveniently cheating with a push lock, this one has an actual buckle to close it with, so it takes a special gentleman to accept the time consuming fumble for two buckles to open a flap (or just leave them unclasped).


Its wide, strong, adjustable sling isn’t leather, but it doesn’t seem to be too much of a bother. The back of the bag is simple and doesn’t have any pockets. But it makes up for it with the roomy interior.


There are two snap pockets on the front, a flat pocket in the interior, and a zippered pocket on the back panel. This is a great bag with big room for various things you can imagine carrying day after day, week after week. And its neutral colors allow you to carry it to go with anything you’re wearing (a black version is also available).


Isn’t it just amazing?

Shop now at Matches Fashion.

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