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Marvel over Mulberry’s Maple

We don’t write enough about Mulberry. But under new creative direction, it might just be something to keep tabs on.
Maple Hero

North South totes are such wonderful bags to carry around. And just in are the bags Mulberry calls Maple. So cute. With a snap pocket on top, rolled handles, and draping shoulder straps, it’s everything a grab bag is meant to be.

Maple Front

Mulberry’s designs hasn’t been very arresting the last several years. In fact, it’s been one of those brands whose lost is luster after it’s Bayswater and Alexa hey days. Have they found a way (or working towards) claiming their star back?

Maple Back

It’s a bit inconvenient to not being able to remove the straps at all, but I guess all the hanging frills are no different than having key fobs and bag tags.


The bi color ways are alright, and the color choices could draw bag lovers in. To those who prefer monotone colors, there are full black ones available.

Maple Interior

The bag has an open mouth, lined in leather, and adorned with a back pocket. The handles are clasped by a round rings that can help you push it away when you need to. What I love about the handles is they are rolled, making it so much easier to carry. What makes this bag fun other than the colors? You can use the bag’s back or front any it takes on a new look, carry it handheld or over the shoulder any time you wish.

There’s so much more to Mulberry. And only time will tell if it’s going to catch on.

Images from Mulberry.

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