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Get Sorted: LV Zippy Coin Purse

Bags should be loved inside and out. And having a coin purse helps sort out those small things that could litter your bag, literally!

Zippy Coin Purse Hero

Having luxury bags are great, but it’s not always the bag. There are things in your bag that could rip it up from the inside. Case in point, keys and coins. So whenever you come across the luxury small leather goods, don’t dismiss it as simply being too expensive for something so small. It will save you from hating yourself later when the metal coins in your bag rust onto your leather lining or light colored micro fiber, or when your hand cream oozes onto your bag interior, or when your concealer writes itself into your bag. NIGHTMARE!

There are a number of pouches to go for, but one of the most adorable and useful are coin purses! There are definitely some fun choices to choose from, but there’s nothing like Louis Vuitton that makes any luxury brand lover fawn.

Zippy Coin Purse

Louis Vuitton has different kinds of coin purses in many varying materials, but the Round Coin Purse has always been lackluster. But it’s just one of the many other choices you can pick from Louis Vuitton. The Zippy Coin Purse is an adorable and useful size over the other coin purses, and naturally my favorite.

Zippy Coin Purse Interior

It opens to multiple compartments, card slots, flat pockets, et cetera. So even though you are only carrying the Zippy Coin Purse with you, it’s a mini organizer for your cards, some folded cash, and some coins, making running errands to the convenient store such a breeze.

And if in case Monogram is not your type, there’s so much to choose in various leathers like Epi, Vernis, or Empreinte. These purses don’t only keep your bag tidy and safe from all that coin mess, it’s also so functional. So consider owning at least one, and if you’re in the market, check out what Louis Vuitton can offer.

Images from Louis Vuitton.


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