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Givenchy Tweaks the Antigona

Our well loved Antigona gets a design tweak that resolves its one minor quirk.


Do you notice something different?

That’s right, the bag now has a REMOVABLE strap. Many bag owners of the Antigona in its earlier inceptions had one, unified quirk. The straps are not removeable. Over the years, Givenchy has made tweaks with the smaller sizes – making straps longer for the small size, making them adjustable and removable in the mini sized ones, and now the Mediums get removable shoulder straps.


In classic Givenchy hardware, the hooks are slit on one section allowing it to slide off the D rings on the sides. It’s a nice touch, but as it were with Nightingales, they accidentally fall off sometimes, and could prove to be quite irritating.


Everything else about the bag is pretty standard. And hopefully it becomes a standard from here on.


So wether you love the Antigona straps or not, you can be both with the new season’s tweaked and improved collection.


Would love to have mine changed to something like this, but I’ve outgrown the quirk over time and love it as it is, with nothing removable.

Does this make it more appealing to you? If so, Matches Fashion has some in stock for you!

Images from Matches Fashion.


  1. I like the choice, but I prefer it with the strap attached, so I don’t think I would ever carry it without the strap. Additionally Givenchy changed the font size of the logo on the triangle. The earlier versions are slightly larger. I think they are going for a more minimalist logo design in all of their bags. I also noticed the leather handles are stiffer and have less rubber than before. I think this is due to the fact that the older models the rubber would peel after repeated use. Still a classic. I hope they stop changing it!


    • Thanks for the additional info Michelle! When I saw the straps off in one of the store displays it does feel like something’s missing. So I guess the strap does complete the look 😊 thanks so much for dropping by the site 😊


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