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Alternatives to Hermès Birkins


Birkins and Alternatives

Birkins are not a dime a dozen. And with hefty price tags, it’s not the bag for everyone. So here are some alternatives you can cling to.

What is a Birkin really? Sure, it’s Fashion Holy Grail! There’s no denying it. But isn’t it also just a boxy leather bag with flaps?

Hermes Birkin 35

Like any Holy Grail, it takes a lot to bag a Birkin. And it’s not as accessible to everyone. So there must be second best (but awesome bags in their own right) other than the Birkin.

This article rounds up five bags that could fill the void as you work towards getting a Birkin of your own. The choices from this list factors in several categories: boxy shapes and flaps.

So in case you’re looking for an alternative to a Birkin, here’s a nice list that might help you!

Céline Tie ToteCeline Tie Tote

The Tie Totes are somewhat of a mystery. They look great in pictures, and it’s absolutely adorable having flaps and wings. The trapezoidal shape is a bit odd though, but the flaps function much like the Birkin’s. Close it up with the flap out, or tuck it in. Th wings can be tucked inwards too.

Saint Laurent Sac De JourSaint Laurent Sac De Jour

This bag has been in and out, breaking my heart from time to time. But since Saint Laurent designated the Large Sac De Jour as a men’s bag, all is forgiven. Another boxy bag, with mini sangles criticizing this bag by many bloggers as a Birkin copy cat. But it’s had its own spotlight in the fashion industry. There aren’t any flaps though. And the interior, while its an open tote, is split by a zippered thin middle pocket making a front section and a back section.

Bally Sommet
Bally Sommet

Bally has been coughing up some good bags lately. And the Sommet is one of them. Akin to the Céline Tie Tote, flap and wings included. The similarities with the Birkin is in the stitching. The handles have a similar vertical stitching, and similar looking bag feet that makes it sound like a Birkin when plopped on a table. It’s so beautiful though, and comes in many colors and sizes.

Dior Diorever
Dior Diorever

They come in exotics sometimes. But there are simpler, nice leather options to choose from. The Diorever is another one of those boxy totes with flaps that is the new fancy. Dior’s leather bag lines have been a consumer favorite in the last couple of years. It comes with a flap that you can flip all the way to the back, or cover over the front. It’s an interesting bag, so try one on in case you are looking for a bag close to a Birkin.

Versace Palazzo Empire
Versace Palazzo Empire
Now, this feels like a lawsuit waiting to happen. But maybe not. Versace came out with these on their Spring/Summer 2016 runway show. The flaps are too close to what Birkins look like. But fashion is fashion, and this bag is looking kind of cute as more and more celebs carry it along, prominently emblazoned in paparazzi pictures. The plus on this bag is there are optional slings you can hook on the bag to allow it to be carried cross body.

So, did you find a Birkin alternative for yourself? There’s no beating the original of course. But if you’re building up a collection, this is a nice sets of steps to serve as milestones in your hand bag fashion journey.

Hermès Birkin photo from Portero. Shop now!
Images from Céline, Saint Laurent, Bally, Dior, Versace.


  1. Great, post- as always! Yes, Birkin bags are not for everyone. Not everyone wants to spend the money and/or perhaps the Birkin is just not the bag that fits their lifestyle. We love this little round up you have here, great alternatives to the “Holy Grail!”


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