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Hermès So Kelly, the Fancy Bucket Bag

Hermes So Kelly

So it’s a So Kelly. Move over Mansur Gavriel, you’re not fancy enough!

It’s a debatable test of taste to criticize anything Hermès. So when you compare bucket bags, and bring forward the So Kelly, you wonder why all these other brands are even playing the game.

Hermes So Kelly 4Honestly, competitors on the bucket bags form factor have a bit of ante on the So Kelly. The only advantage I can see, are the sangles and tourets – the Hermès signature of hanging metal tipped arms (sangles) that clasp onto the protruding turn clasp (touret). You’ll see it on so many other lines across the brand, like wallets.

Like most Hermès bags, the back serves nothing but the source of the sangles.

Hermes So Kelly 2

It has a thin profile, and a plain base. So there’s nothing that’s really engaging about the bag. But isn’t it the same charm the well loved Mansur Gavriel bags have been getting all these years? Simple and plain.

So Kelly has been so under the radar for so many years, rounding up owners of this bag is like finding out about a secret society. Some have expressed issues with the bag being so thin, being too deep, and has a design flaw because the touret hits the underpart of your forearm.

Whatever the case is, for a time, this bag was enamoring. After a while though, does it still leave a luxury taste in your tongue? It’s been several years, and a handful of owners. The good thing is, you can buy this without a waitlist, even online!

Do you have one? For how long? And do you love it?

Images from Hermès.

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