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Lusting Over a Kelly Longue Wallet

Hermès is like this generation’s Midas. Everything it touches is gold.

Kelly Longue Wallet Hero

You can’t miss the sangles and the tourets. Hermès’ distinct appearance in big bags or small leather goods, are always desirable. So in case you can’t reach for the Birkin just yet, and if you’re okay to spend an Hermès size amount of money on a wallet, try the Kelly Longue Wallet.

Kelly Longue Wallet Front

What makes it a Kelly? It takes on a similarly designed flap, enclosed by clasping the two arms. It comes in all sorts of colors and leathers, and all the variations are great.

Kelly Longue Wallet Back

Like a Kelly, all the details are at the front. And the back doesn’t provide any pockets or any further detail than that.

Kelly Longue Wallet Close Up

As a wallet – just like the Kelly bag, it has a protruding clasp that may get in the way of your items in your bag. So consider this for a moment. To those who don’t really put long wallets in their pockets and prefer hand held, it shouldn’t be an issue for having all these artsy-fartsy details.

Kelly Longue Wallet Flat

It takes a considerable amount of effort to get in and out of. And in a way, it’s so pointless. Fabulously pointless. It’s part of the experience. You’re opening something so expensive, and people behind you in the counter will have to wait.

Kelly Longue Wallet Interior

Inside you have a rather roomy compartment. 12 card slots. Two thin insertable pockets, two wide pockets as the gussets unfold, and a central zipped pocket. Admit it though, you’re never going to put coins in a $ 4,000+ wallet!

Which brings us to the price debate. Luxury items are expensive for a reason. And as one who purchases into the luxury market, pricing is a debatable subject. Personally I wouldn’t want to spend more than $ 1,500 on a wallet. But something about the Kelly Longue makes me want to change my idea about budgets.

Have you any small leather items that you’re lusting over? What’s your budget limit?

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