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Do You LVoe This? City Steamer

HERO Steamer

They still sell the old steamers in limited quantities. And now we have City Steamers.

Life in the city has been so busy. Myself I’ve been in between so many things at once. So when I feel stressed and lost, I always swing by my favorite stores and see if any of the stress is worth dumping money into by way of bags.

As I worked my way around the store, deflated and frankly still lost because lately the bag scene has been a big bore for my taste, out came a woman carrying one of Louis Vuitton’s newest. The City Steamer.


It hasn’t been long since the bag came out. And I didn’t know if I liked it enough to write about it. But it seems  Louis Vuitton is very interested in prolonging it, as seen in varying fashion shows and the latest Cruise collection. (Even more so than the Capucine come to think of it.)

The problem is, there isn’t that much people who’ve dipped into the allure of the City Steamer. So seeing it in the arms of someone is like seeing a unicorn! (And I love unicorns, especially if they poop rainbows – but that’s a different discussion!)


The story of the City Steamer is a reboot of an older classic. Though I’m not sure if anyone else is interested with the older classics. It’s so train station chic, but quite frankly, who travels by train any more?

City Steamer

So now we have a City Steamer, a more contemporary and reserved twist to the lovely classic. So understated, that until I saw it in real life carried by a wonderfully held together person out on the street, only then did I realize how fabulous the bag really is.

It comes in three different sizes, GM, MM, and PM. Catching all categories of bag lovers out there. So far I’ve only seen them in full leather. Some exotic options and wild prints available also.

louis-vuitton-city-steamer-mm-crocodile-mat-fashion-shows--N92427_PM2_Front view

louis-vuitton-city-steamer-hologram-mm-fashion-show-selection--M42195_PM2_Front view

There’s been a few monogram ones, but always with a twist.

louis-vuitton-city-steamer-mm-monogram-canvas-fashion-shows--M42347_PM2_Front view
The bag is an open tote, with a back side zippered, and lined with two open pockets directly on it. The front side is also an open pocket, but somewhat a chore to get into with the hardware jutting out to the front. This hardware can be clasped to the back side allowing closure for the otherwise open bag.

louis-vuitton-city-steamer-mm-fashion-show-selection--M42496_PM1_Interior view

You can hang a lock on the front of the bag. (Or not, because locks normally crease the leather where it hangs really).

It hangs so seldom from the arms of people from where I live. Have you seen anyone else carry the bag? And does it excite you as much as it does for me? I need one now!

louis-vuitton--Front Row_2_DI3.jpg

Images from Louis Vuitton.

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