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The Dawn of the Flap Bags

Flap Bag Hero

It seems every handbag fashion house has decided to have a sling bag of their own. What do you feel like slinging over your shoulder?

Since 1955, well over half a century, legions and legions of fashionistas have slung Chanel’s over their shoulders. Perhaps there was only the one shoulder It Bag for the longest time. But for how long can it stay on top?

Chanel Flap Bag, 2.55, Boy Bag

Over the years, the Classic Flap Bag has been reinvented, and new similar styles has been brought forward, or even re-birthed, to give way for a rejuvinated line. We all know and love the Chanel Classic Flap, the first generation turned now generation 2.55, and the blogger and boy friendly Boy Bag. You would think that Chanel is on top of their game. But you’d be surprised that in recent years, other luxury brands are stepping up on the sling game.

Louis Vuitton Twist Bag

LV Twist MMNicolas Ghesquière’s task is to evolve and revive Louis Vuitton’s aging status-quo to make it more exciting and current. When the Twist bag came out several years ago, it was interesting and bold. The bag sports a new LV logo unique to select styles like the Twist bag and some wallets too. A softer allusion of L and V that you twist to open the flap and leave hanging to seal the bag in. Though some bag owners don’t exactly prefer moving hardware parts on their bags as it tends to rub off and scratch leather or other metal parts. Despite these issues, it remains to be a fantastic choice of fierce fashionistas.

Dior Diorama

Dior DioramaDior’s leather handbag section has been consistently beautiful, growing even more elegantly year after year as new bags are introduced. And though it’s always been an under-the-radar brand when it comes to leather handbags, it made waves and Instagram hashtag madness with the Diorama. A hybrid of heavy chains and dainty locks, cross crossing patterns akin to the Chanel Boy Bag, it’s a nice contender to the hand bag market, and a great bag by itself.

Gucci Dionysus

Gucci Dionysus

The latest in the handbag slings are Gucci and their fiery madness with Asian sensibilities and 70s aesthetics. The Dionysus, with the feline clasp hardware, bold monogramming, and polarizing prints and patches, make this bag one o those things you just can’t stop from exploding in the market. Though Chanel has had it’s flap bags reinvented in many forms and prints and fabrics, Dionysus instead plays with a formidably familiar forms that plays with contemporary curiosity.

So in summary, it seems everywhere you look, fashion houses have a sling bag to offer you everywhere you look. For one, people have the freedom of choosing which sling bag to sport, instead of going with the staple Chanels. And those who like variety in their closets can play with other brands so that consumers can have the same form factor, with different labels.

It feels like the birth of these bags is the result of Millenial buying patterns, but that’s a different discussion altogether!!!

Images from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Gucci.


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