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So Cool: Marc Jacobs Collage Backpack

If going out for an adventure is the coolest thing this Spring/Summer, then the Collage Backpack is the coolest bag to bring.

MJ Ecru Canvas Collage Backpack

There are just things that urge you to do things. And as we stretch out a few more weeks of Spring and wade through time well into Summer, there’s always that trip you’re planning to go to. And in all trips, you gotta have a bag!

The Collage Backpack is made of ecru canvas, a light beige color of unbleached linen. Its simple base textile acts as a canvas for the fascinating graffiti, embroideries, and knick knacks strewn across and throughout the bag.


Even the back side is artsy!

Though this is a light colored bag, it feels like it’s going to only look better worn and dusted and having picked up the dirt and spills you made throughout the trip you took this bag to.

MJ Collage Backpack

This bag is so so cute!

Shop now at

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