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Coach Saddle Bag Customization

There seems to be a rave on customizations of late. And it’s always such a thrill to make something simple to something completely unique and adorably yours.

Saddle Bag

There’s nothing glorified about a saddle bag. It’s one of the many faceless silhouettes that never seem to go out of style. So to have the privilege to customize one makes that wardrobe staple oh-so-bespoke. So when Coach launched the customization tool, I took the time to go through it and share with you the experience.

 Step 1: Choose your size.

Large or Small? Up to you really. There’s one 11″ wide, and the other 9″ wide. Confused? Coach let’s you look at same mod shots thanks to their Saddle page!

Step 2: Choose your color.

The description is formatted to hardware/outer color/interior+edges. So if you choose the Dark Gunmetal/Fog/Adobe, you end up getting a dark colored hardware, with fog gray/taupe color, with a red/brick interior. So lovely.

There are far more colors to choose from on the smaller size.

More Colors

Step 3: Write your own story patch.

Custom Story PatchWrite to your heart’s content with something nice to say for yourself, or someone you mean to give this to. The site does note that the story patch matches the interior, and will add 2-3 weeks on your delivery time. But why wouldn’t you wait for something made especially for you?


The beautiful leather interior of the Saddle bag.

Step 4: Monogram.

If you’re a bit shy, you can have your monograms stamped on your hang tag. It can be a blind one, or foiled to your choice of many, many colors.


If you don’t mind a bit of flash, have your monogram right on the flap itself!


Step 5: Bag Charms

So maybe Fendi’s success in the bag charms have spilled over to other brands. If that’s the time we’re in, then why fight against it? Coach has an amazing collection of bag charms to choose from.


And then you’re done! Pay and wait. Of course customizations like this voids returns, so all sales are final. Have fun and enjoy. The saddle bag will last you a long time and accompany you in so many occassions!

Images from Coach.

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