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Sommet For Boys

Bally Sommet 1

Boys get a Sommet treat too.

We’ve fallen in love with the Sommet before. And though it was marketed for a female clientelle, bags have no gender and I loved it anyway. But it seems Bally has reconsidered that it’s just as great for men. We’ve seen iterations of it before in the men’s department, but only now do we see it with a flap.

Bally Sommet 3

Of course you can hide the flap onto the interior of course, ala Birkin, and you can shut the open mouth with the belt on both sides.

Bally Sommet 2

The back side and front side doesn’t have any hardware. And in fact the only hardware that you can see is the buckle that you can wrap both handles on.

Bally Sommet Men's

You can also buy one in black at Bally. Isn’t it amazing?

Images from Bally.

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