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Fun Fendi Leather+Nylon Totes


The boys get to carry something fun, too.

What Fendi does best is coming out with simple shapes packed with fantastic embellishments. While other brands get to exercise this creativity on the women’s accessories department, Fendi extends this creativity to the men’s accessories and does it so effectively like no one else (though bags really don’t have any gender).


Just look at this cutie-pie!

The Bag Bug Nylon and Leather tote comes with varying prints (simple plains or razzle-dazzled like this one). You’ve seen these before here in the website in an earlier post. Now as a bag bug tote, you always get a nice looking pair of eyes that look on. The eyes are accompanied by a nice long zip pocket that serves as a silhouette of a monster mouth. The handles and trimmings are made with flat genuine leather. There are a bit of soft padding inside the leather handles making it ever so slightly softer to the hands when carried loaded.


The top is a wide open access making it a breeze to reach in and out of. There’s also pockets inside to serve as storage for any odds and ends that could get lost in the spacious abyss of an interior inside.


These bag bug totes are so cute and fun to carry around. But I wish Fendi would release full leather ones that can withstand the times. There are people who don’t mind spending on seasonal items, which these bags tend to be. Fendi is not something anyone would consider fast fashion, but there are bags like this that serve the purpose, though at a luxury price point.

If you’re soft hearted and your heart has been stolen by another bag bug, don’t let this one pass you by.

Images from MatchesFashion.


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