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A New Croc Embossed Sac De Jour

Sac De Jour Hero

Like an ex you can’t stop thinking about.

I’ve been heartbroken by the Sac De Jour before. And heartbroken about it once again. In fact, the heartbreak is beyond the two posts in the blog. My last heartbreak about the bag is they no longer make them in suede lining. It was replaced with fabric lining, which I was not so much a fan of.

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour 1

Suffice to say: I’ve never jumped the gun, so to speak. I did not decide to purchase one because of the several issues with my story in search of the bag. But, like any scorn lover, I still visit it from time to time, thinking about the what ifs.

Old Croc Embossed Sac De Jour

The older croc embossed pattern.

So, my romance with the bag sometimes comes to a positive turn. I’ve always fancied a crocodile anything. And embossed ones are the more economical choice for my taste. Though the Sac De Jour comes in croc embossed, and the large sizes are of scarcity, the new (non-small, non-mini, non-nano) medium version in a more realistic looking embossing comes shooting back to my heart like an ex I can’t ever let go of.

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour 3

The back is just as delicious as the front.

Boom the heart goes they say. It of course still comes with your favorite accordion sides.

They also come with slings so you have the option of carrying over the shoulder.

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour 5

For all the times it made me think twice about it, I can’t help but gawk at how beautiful this bag is. Have Saint Laurent changed the embossing on its Sac De Jours forever? Or is it a seasonal bag with special, limited edition embossing?

If you can’t let this bag pass, you’d be lucky to own one right now.

Shop now at SSense.

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