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Love The Loewe Hammock

How many shapes can your bag get?

Loewe Hammock

This is the Loewe Hammock. All of this. In one bag.

Loewe’s mighty morphing bags are not news to us. And normally when something innovative comes around, we tend to wait and see how it goes. And after’s Loewe’s foray on puzzle bags and the succeeding backpack, this hobo looks like the next natural progression that I certainly hope would make a mark on the hand bag world and make other players make a run for their money.

We’ve seen the Puzzle bag! But not everyone is on board on the origami inspired piece. We love the staple Amazonas though, and their refreshing seasonal pieces! Loewe’s efforts in this bag is something welcomingly different and wearable, and may have very well struck gold in the Hammock bag.

The Hammock is one of those quiet bags that look inconspicuous. The “hidden” value is when someone actually shows you the versatility.

Loewe Hammock 2

It comes with a detachable sling that you can wrap around the handles so you can use it as a narrow or wide shoulder/cross body bag. With bags like this, you take them as they are. A deep bag with wings. But actually … you can carry it so many ways.

Loewe Hammock 5

It’s also a shoulder bag in narrow form

Loewe Hammock 3

Or a crossbody in wide form

Loewe Hammock 1

Or just a hand tote with the wings tucked in!

We haven’t seen bloggers or real life bag carriers going crazy yet with the bag, it’s at the moment some form of bag porn to see it worn in varying ways. Below is a photo set of how the black version of the same bag can be carried!

The only gripe I’d have to say I have about this bag is the handles are flat. Bags of this size get filled up and tend to be on the heavier side for its sheer size. And rolled handles are easier on the hands or arms. Shoulder straps are wonderful if flat, but the top handles aren’t big enough for the shoulders.

This bag is a top notch choice for something different though. Loewe just might be a brand we can look forward to in the next few years. I’m really rooting for them!!!

Images from Loewe and Net-A-Porter.


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