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One Large Chanel Boy Bag, Please!

If Chance chooses that I can only get one Chanel, it would be a Large Boy Bag. And that’s more than enough to satisfy my Chanel lust for a lifetime.

Chanel Boy Bag (1)

For a boy, and a bag lover, Chanel is one of the tricky waters to tread. Of course, in this day and age, ANYONE can wear ANYTHING they want if they like it. There’s no reason why genders need to dictate what one should carry over their arms. My moral view of the world is you can choose to use your hard-earned money on anything you want.

But when it comes to these chained sling, quilted beauties: I’m a little ambivalent (at least on the classic flaps.) The Double CCs or 2.55s are a bit of a fashion clash for me, and somewhat it’s style that doesn’t quite fit my wardrobe. Chanel is a well established brand, with the colorful and determined Coco (who is a personal idol of mine) to back its over 100 years of fashionable history (since 1909!). So for a bag lover, it feels like an honor and a privilege to have a piece of the house.

Chanel has been producing handbags since 1955, the birth of cross body chain bags. And it’s been a fashion staple ever since. Chanel flap bags have remained strong, but 2011 made it stronger. When Boy Bags first came out, it seems to have re-invigorated Chanel and – in my opinion – saved the brand from being a relic from the past.

Chanel Boy Bag (5)

A chained flap bag, Boy Bags boast a stronger, more robust snap clasp in the front. Boy bags are surrounded by a wide piping on the edges, and the rest of the body is quilted (or adorned one way or another in varying styles and forms.) The chains have been changed to bigger, heaver links, and half of the length is an adjustable leather piece, obviously to make it easier to sling. Depending on your outfit, the large chains can dig into the skin, catch on hair, or freeze you in shock in cold temperatures!

Chanel Boy Bag (4)

Like other Chanel flaps, the bag does not have metal feet studs, but the side piping acts as a frame for the body, and mostly acts as the over all base and keeps the structure.

Chanel Boy Bag (3)

No back pockets like the Flaps do.

The back is a simple plain back. No pockets like the flaps we know too well. And it’s a wonderful quiet leather piece that keeps this bag the no frills bag to love.

Chanel Boy Bag (6)

It opens up to a nice leather lined interior, with a zippered pocket on the back side. Compartment pockets on the front side, and a hanging leather clasp (which I can never find a use for, ever.)

Chanel Boy Bag (2)

There are four sizes that I know of on Boy Bags. Small, Medium, the New Medium (a taller Medium really), and Large. And it’s the most luxurious messenger bag you can ever award yourself. A boy’s gotta be fancy.

Chanel Boy Bag

Images from Portero and Fashionphile. Shop now.


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