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Every Man Needs A Briefcase. A Bottega Veneta Briefcase.

If you want a staple in your life, make sure to own a briefcase. Timeless and always week day appropriate, briefcases ups your outfits like a serious tycoon.

BV Intrecciato Leather Briefcase (3)

Briefcases are not for everybody. But is surely for every gentleman. These kinds of bags can appear business boring, but not with Bottega Veneta. Interwoven leather, and supple leather screaming quality.

BV Intrecciato Leather Briefcase (5)

The Intrecciato Briefcase

This particular style doesn’t have a sling though. Others prefer having the cross body option. So this bag remains to be a hand held one. If you’re a fan of carrying bags by clutching them or pinning them in-between your arm and torso, then that’s a carrying option for you I suppose.

BV Intrecciato Leather Briefcase (1)

The back has an exterior zippered pocket to allow you easier access on odds and ends you need pulled out throughout the day.

BV Intrecciato Leather Briefcase (2)

The clasps can be locked, and the flaps opens to an interior divided in two. The bag is lined with calf skin and it’s a wonderful interior.

BV Intrecciato Leather Briefcase (4)

Bottega Veneta is a pricier option when it comes to bags, but it’s well worth the investment. It will last you a life time, just like your fantastic taste in style.

Images from Matches Fashion.

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