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A Unique Antigona You Can’t Pass Up

Givenchy Medium Antigona 1

The bigger Antigonas are seemingly eschewed for smaller sizes, or mini mini minis. But many are big bag lovers (like me) losing options to choose from. So a fresh take on a staple design is just what we need.

Isn’t it so yummy? Black smooth leather with dark brown glazing. White stitching. And brown interior.

Givenchy Medium Antigona 3

I thought black bags were boring. But this sure casts any doubts aside. As far as I can see there are no other sizes available in this make, and it seems Givenchy, after all, still has some love for the bag.

Givenchy Medium Antigona 2

This looks like one of the few seasonal styles that look timeless. So if you’re up for something unique, don’t let this go. If you are willing to fork about twice as much as a regular medium Antigona that is!

Givenchy Antigona Medium Hero

Shop now at Barney’s.


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