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Have At It: Valextra Sacca Hobo

Valextra Sacca 4

Valextra is Italy’s hidden treasures. It’s minimalistic approach, clean lines, and timeless designs. And the smart word play mixing together for a unique and resounding brand name: valigia (Italian word for suitcase) and extra.

Though bucket bags, in hindsight, aren’t very easy to get in and out of, despite its popularity some years ago. You’d have to tie them up and push it closer to you to get in and out of. And although many swear their love for them, I know I have on several occasions. As time goes by, I realize, that I much prefer open mouthed hobos, big spacious dump bags that you can throw over your shoulder.

Valextra Sacca 2

The Sacca Hobo is a simply amazing bag. Grain from the gods, suede raw leather interior. Inside is a hanging zippered pocket. And a singular, flat, adjustable handle that you can elongate or shorten.

If you’re concerned with the size, there is a Large option or a Medium option that you can hand carry or shoulder carry.

Valextra Sacca Hand

Valextra Sacca Shoulder

The bag is just an open hobo, so things can go in and out with no problem. Easily visible through a peek over the shoulder, or in the crook of your arm.

Valextra Sacca 3

It’s a beautiful bag, except maybe the handles can get a bit difficult to hand carry or hang on your arm. Certainly comfy on the shoulder.

Valextra Sacca 1

Valextra carries designs and branding so subtle, and the only indication for the brand is a hot stamp inside the bag. And it’s a great item if you want to go under the radar with a bag. Silent luxury is always in style.

So if you’re looking for a hobo this Spring, why not go Valextra?

Images from Valextra.

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