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Agendas On My Mind

LV Small Ring Agenda Hero

When it comes to monograms, it’s not always that big bag. There are a few things in tiny sizes that draw the biggest desires. And the flame to my being a moth is the Louis Vuitton Small Ring Agenda.

Agendas come in many sizes and materials. As an overview there are PM (Petite Modele), MM (Medium Modele), and GM (Grand Modele). The MM and GM look more like a diary or a full time student’s this-and-that. The size you’d need depends on your life style of course.

LV Small Ring Agenda Cover Monogram Closed

I prefer a Small Ring Agenda (some call it the Agenda PM). They are small enough to fit inside most bags and serves my purpose of needing something to write on. Agendas serve multiple purposes via fillers you can purchase from Louis Vuitton or other sellers like Filofax. They can be your address book, your calendar (year view, month view, week view), or they can be your notebook for to do lists or meeting notes.

LV Small Ring Agenda Cover Monogram Open without Fillers

The agendas come with elegant gold plated rings. Three card holders on the left flap, and a thin slide in area on both. When you buy an Agenda, it does not come pre-filled with any paper notes, and Louis Vuitton offers a wide range of filler types for all sizes. Fillers normally come with art partitions, stickers, and all other sorts of knick-knacks to make it enjoyable and worth your money.

LV Small Ring Agenda Cover Monogram Open with Fillers

The beauty of these agendas is you can decide what you want to put in it. I don’t particularly need an Address Book (I’m an older Millennial), and I don’t need the Calendar pages: my schedules change last minute all the time and I hate crossing things out I’ve written down before, sometimes leaving me with nothing else to write on. My iCalendar suits my needs (and paper does not alarm one day before). Calendar fillers (and they are expensive Louis Vuitton paper) also have a guaranteed one year use, so you’d have to buy next year’s as the year turns (instead of as you’ve filled it all up). So to spare the waste on precious LV paper, I will opt to use only the notes paper fillers (much cheaper than the other fillers).

Small Agenda Notes Refill

Small Functional Agenda Notes Refill (themes change every year)

These Small Functional Agenda Notes Refills are lined pages that serves like a notebook, and it comes with several colored blank papers. (These change every year). There are a 100 pages to write on and doesn’t necessarily require to be replaced by the end of the year (yes, paper Calendars suck.) And in case I find anything else that matches the six punch holes I need to fill it in, that’s always a wonderful find.


Agendas are a lifestyle purchase I suppose. Others get around with no need to write things down. But I’ve always been a pen and paper guy when it comes to meetings, grocery shopping lists, and things to do. And what better way to do it in through LV?

How do you use your Agenda?

Images from Louis Vuitton.


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