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The New Nightingales. Sweet, Sweet Nightingale.

In the innovation department, Givenchy has made it clear they are the fashion favorites. Celebrities, fashion bloggers, and everyday people like you and me have at some point drooled over the RTWs and leather bags from the French Fashion house. And as one of their staples saturating the streets, a cleaned up  version is just what you need to stay in the game.


It’s not that radical if you think about it. But the Nightingale has had quite sometime in the spotlight. It’s form factor was always composed of four leather patches. At certain points of its lifecycle, they’ve had the Givenchy four G emblem, then it became the four G hot stamp, and now in its latest incarnation, Givenchy sticks with usual the metal letters, and a simpler approach to the bag.


It’s definitely a fashion favorite. Perhaps a safer pick in many of the edgy designs that are available for purchase. And in its latest form factor, the simpler approach to the same bag. It comes with a better detachable sling (not the zippered one shoulder option). It clasps on the sides of the bag that folds into the middle part of the sides with the usual Givenchy hexagon hooks.


Givenchy these days seem to focus on silver hardware, and somehow it seems that they are no longer producing the gold hardware anymore.  Which is perfect for street wear.


How something made simpler could make one so excited is a magic only Givenchy seems to be able to deliver.

Shop now at Net-A-Porter.


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