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Almost a Rainbow: Bao Bao Prism Aurora Tote

Prism Aurora Bao Bao Hero

Issey Miyake’s Bao Bao line has been around since the year 2000. Sometimes people don’t even know what it is, they just have one! And if you didn’t pay attention to the the tantalizing triangle tessellation, at least stop and wonder at the color.

Prism Aurora Bao Bao tote 1

It doesn’t take a long time bag lover to find the wonder in this Japanese design: light, no fuss, and ingenious. The transcendence of the universally simple yet intricately complicated form factor is the most attractive paradox in the many bags available out there.

Prism Aurora Bao Bao tote 2

Many of the bag’s Asian sensibilities go under appreciated in some parts of the world. But there is a somewhat niche market for those who can find the value in the design. It is nothing but a flat bag. But what many don’t realize is the shapes that compose the bag fold and form to catch the items inside, allowing it to transform itself with such drama and flare.

Prism Aurora Bao Bao tote 3

It’s lined in mesh, making people favor this bag as a beach bag. And it’s not so bad if you think about it. Even if you intend to wear it as a tote around the city, the Bao Bao should allow you to do that.

Prism Aurora Bao Bao tote 4

It’s important to note that the bag is PVC, allowing colors like the Prism Aurora that may not entirely be possible to use on genuine leather.

Prism Aurora Bao Bao tote 5

And if you’re hitting the beach this Spring/Summer and find yourself in need of something to tote around under the elements of sand, salt water, and sun, Bao Bao it up!

Shop now at Matches Fashion.

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