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Grab and Go in Givenchy

Screaming Monkey nylon tote 4

Givenchy runs an annual hero print every year. And guess what for 2016? Screaming Monkeys!

We’ve seen doberman dogs, rottweillers, sharks, the madonna, Bambi, and everything else in between. And in every release, it’s nothing but amazing. 2016 is, under the Chinese calendar, the year of the Monkey. Perhaps it’s also the year of Givenchy. And how awesome to celebrate the year with the Screaming Monkey print in nylon.

Screaming Monkey nylon tote 1

Adorned with elements borrowed from the Nightingale, with it’s zipped up shoulder sling, and the hexagonal hooks, this bag just screams Givenchy.

Screaming Monkey nylon tote 2

What’s particularly awesome about the bag is you can wear it several ways. Sling it cross body with the detachable longer sling, carry it by the hand or over the shoulder. It has a zippered opening, with your usual zippered internal pockets.

Screaming Monkey nylon tote 3

Though most of the body is nylon, Givenchy gives you a touch of luxury using genuine leather details.

Screaming Monkey nylon tote 5

Though the last collections of Givenchy are mostly innovative selections for women, it’s fantastic to know that the boys get some bags for their own taking. This bag is available under the men’s section. So don’t forget to bag one!

Show now at Matches Fashion.

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