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In Love with Longchamp’s Pénélope Totes

Medium Penelope Alexa Chung.jpg

Rich leather. Natural grain. Alexa Chung. This beautiful bag is just waiting for you.

No doubt Longchamp‘s Le Pliage line is its most popular design. But don’t set the brand aside because they can surprise you in their less popular bags. And in the past few weeks, I can’t get this bag out of my head.


What’s not to love? A wide open tote you can shoulder on, with side tassles and hanging tag. With discreet logos and fine piping on the sides, it’s a wonderful piece to carry around if your tired of bumbing into someone with the same bag with other brands.


The bag doesn’t have studded feet though, it it makes up for a roomy interior and great quality leather. I was lucky to have been able to play with this in real life, and I gotta tell you, the Pénélope is a wonderful piece.

longchamp_medium_tote_bag_penelope_1295843606_2Its interior is accessed by wide zipper and it opens up to Longchamp’s monogram textile lining (similar to your Le Pliage Cuirs). And inside there’s a hook/clasp you can attach stuff to. Though I never found these things ever useful.

Though I’m not particularly a fan of too much color like Red, there are classic blacks and navy colors available. And neutral ones like beige.

So in case you’re looking for a nice shoulder bag, don’t forget that LC offers some nice ones!

Images from Longchamp.

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