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Gucci’s Embroidered Bamboo Shopper


When the Gucci Bamboo Shopper first came out, they were all plain leather bags with the exceptional bamboo handles that made Gucci famous. It was a fresh present take on their roots. Now Gucci is running amok with 70s style, and this bag is such a dame, we can’t let it pass.

This bag is one of those under the radar designs that never seem to have gotten that extreme exposure that other styles seem to enjoy (like the new Dionysus). But I’m glad to see this as a silent staple, and even sometimes leap for joy when I see some experimental designs available for purchase.


Flowers on one side, and the vintage web on the other. Outlined with fantastic brown leather. This two-faced wonder falls right within the current look that Gucci seem to be sprinkling around across all lines (Men’s and Women’s).


This wide bag comes with your favorite features. Bamboo handles, magnetic clasps. Zippered middle partition pocket. And a detachable sling.


It’s a beautiful bag. And if you’re looking for simpler classics, they still sell the solid color leather ones in amazing colors.

Images from Gucci.

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