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Amazona: From Spain to Outerspace


Loewe has been in my sights the past several seasons. With a ho-hum line and a rather conservative line, they have some how bumped the fashion industry but not by a mile. So seeing their staples in incarnations with a bit of whimsy is unexpectedly pleasant.

The Amazona has been around quite a while. But it never became the mass public’s choice to carry around as much as other well known and established brands. But Loewe is one of those quiet brands that help you escape the monotonous monograms in the streets.


Amazona is a women’s line, but the men can enjoy the duffel form and in a bigger size than the usual women’s are proportioned. (Much like the Speedys and KeepAlls).

Leather handles, corner leather patches, and regangular shape is the form factor of an Amazona.  Sometimes suede, normally full lambskin. There’ve been some denim patchwork versions and tri-color versions in vibrant colors, but I’m glad we’ve passed that.


This season you can enjoy the otherwise simple styles with a loud print. It’s always fun to purchase big loud duffels, makes the trip to the gym or traveling so much fun. Would I use this as an everyday bag? Perhaps not. Barney’s do offer plain ones of course. But would I keep the japanese anime theme in my closet? Yes!


What can you not fit in this 44cm wide Amazona? Everything and then some of course! Buy one for yourself before this goes away at Barney’s. They don’t repeat these once in a lifetime deviation from the normal conservative library.

Images from Barney’s.


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