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Fancying a Louis Vuitton Artsy MM

There is low literature about the Louis Vuitton Artsy. I’m not sure when the design came out (seems 2010). And not that many people carry it around. But I love open totes. And I love classics. And somehow, the Artsy has caught my attention sometime last year. Up until now, I’m still hooked.

There’s something about a quiet staple styles that gets me every time, not like other LV trendy pieces that come and go after one season. And the fact that it’s a design that withstands the years but never oversaturates the market makes it an awfully attractive next piece.

louis-vuitton-artsy-mm-monogram-canvas-the-legendary-monogram--M40249_PM2_Front view

Though I’m a fan of monogram on the SLG level, this bag looks justifiably worth carrying despite the large canvas spaces laden with logos. Previous years in my silent observation of the bag have given way for larger GM sizes, and Damier Ebene, but both have been discontinued. The only other non-monogram version is in Damiere Azur, which I’m not sure I can commit to actually owning, as I’m prone to mess light colored bags with my predominantly denim wardrobe.

louis-vuitton-artsy-mm-monogram-canvas-the-legendary-monogram--M40249_PM1_Interior view

What’s beautiful about the bag is the singular, rolled leather handle that you can carry by hand, on your arm, or (while SAs might mention it’s not a shoulder bag) you could get away carrying it over the shoulder when needed. The braided details of the handles are so amazingly hand made, it’s almost hypnotizing.

It’s also lined with a beautiful beige textile with functional pockets on both sides. Both sides are lined with pockets (a total of six), and on one side inside you have a zippered pocket. It also comes with a hanging tag with hooks so you can dangle a pochette or charm in and out of the bag. Inside is a D-ring where you can clasp it onto.

On the arm

The handles connect to the bag with gold tone rings, and it’s an interesting space. You can separately purchase a leather cross-body if you like playing with bags and putting add-ons. If not a sling, you can clasp bag charms, key pouches, or anything else you wish.

In case you’re not a fan of Louis Vuitton’s monogram, there is a subtler, fancier alternative by way of full leather Empreinte versions. These are embossed monogram on calf skin, making it so much smoother and softer.

louis-vuitton-artsy-mm-monogram-empreinte-leather-handbags--M41066_PM2_Front view


Taupe is a new color. Love it!

Some enjoy fancier leather, and if you insist going exotic, there are python versions in many colors available for you.

louis-vuitton-artsy-mm-python-les-extraordinaires--N90886_PM2_Front view

LV Artsy PythonLV Artsy Python Interior

I think it’s a beautiful bag, and I can’t wait to play with one soon enough.

Images from Louis Vuitton.


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