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Spring/Summer 2016 Céline Phantoms

Textile Celine Phantom

The Céline Phantoms have been around for a while. Some say the style is becoming dated, as Phantoms didn’t fall too far off the Céline Luggage tree. Is it a has-been “it” bag? And is textile innovative enough to freshen up the line?

To be honest, I never got on the Céline bandwagon. It was interesting time though. Wings became in, everyone else adapted the silhouette, and I sense, enough time has passed allowing me room to add this icon to my collection.

People would count Céline – at least for the Luggages and the Phantom families – as a trendy piece. But iconic designs sometimes aren’t simple shapes, sometimes the icon is a robot faced bag with wings.

The Phantoms have had several design streamlining. Leather softness/stiffness evolved. The bases were changed. The lining has changed. It used to come in two sizes, large and medium, but it seems Céline has decided to ditch the large ones (the size I prefer) and diversifying the medium lines instead.

However, looking at the line up this Spring/Summer 2016, I wonder why this is what’s to see. It’s not the first time they play with textile bags. But every time textile pieces come out, it’s always ho-hum and nothing exciting.

Do you like textile bags at all? It’s so resort sure, but it’s such a non-luxurious type of material that you wonder sometimes why it costs above $2,000 USD. There are leather aspects to the bag though: the handles, the zipper details, the belt to close it up, and the base are all in leather. But the majority of the bag is textile on textile. With not so much a print. They didn’t even try. (Really? Plains and stripes? That’s all? Don’t they have any graphic and shocking prints like what Stephen Sprouse / Jeremy Scott did to other brands?

I’m not sure why they even bother making textile Phantoms. My evident hate for it is obviously biased. Some have bought and seek to purchase one someday, and to each their own. Thankfully, there are leather options to choose from in case you share my sentiment.

I had a chance to play around with both these babies in person, and the full leather ones are amazing. So much better to hold than the textile ones. And even though some would cast these bags as bags of yesteryears, this is still in my active list of bags to have (at least one).

How do you feel about Phantoms? Do you still love them? Or are they day old bread?

Images from Céline.

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