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The Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Backpack

Louis Vuitton Christopher PM

All hail the crocodile backpack. So lux and ridiculously expensive. And you can order one online.

If you have room for $81,500 USD in your credit card, swing by the Louis Vuitton website and gift yourself this. Of course, it won’t hug you on Valentine’s day, or cuddle with you in bed, but it puts a nice luxurious touch for the tasteful gentleman.

Of course there’s always the store waiting for you if you want to witness the ceremony of seeing it boxed while you sign a piece of paper in a fabulous couch. In store soft lighting is so good for the skin.

The Christopher PM backpack is a beautiful piece, and comes in a variety of materials. Exotics of course always come with hefty price tags (like the Ostrich leather ones). Or the pricier Epi. But your favorite coated canvas is available for purchase also.

Christopher PMs.jpg

While it does close with a drawstring mouth, it’s more of a backpack than it is a bucket bag. The very outdoorsy design is sure to make it functional for the travelling folk, or the urban dweller.

Louis Vuitton Christopher PM Interior

I’m not a fan of backpacks so much. I have some, but I never use them. But in case you’re looking for something fancy this Valentine’s, this is a great love present for yourself.

Images from Louis Vuitton.

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