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Honor Thy Honor Tote


I haven’t really gotten over my love for my 31 Hour Bag. And it’s one of those nostalgic pieces that make one want to look back on the hey days of new names making fashion waves in the bag department. Phillip Lim’s new men’s bag is one of those that seem to point back to fashion cues more than seven years ago with a new bag. And I hope it makes it big.

161283M172002_1This bag is in canvas, with a leather flap and rolled leather handles. With wings that just jut out of the sides. There’s nothing really to regale about the bag other than it’s so simple and functional.

We’ve seen this bag roll down the runway for Spring/Summer 2016, and it was an instand love for me. What’s best about Phillip Lim is that it runs less than $ 1,000 USD. (Surely the full leather versions will be a bit more expensive).

The bag comes with a pochette inside, where you can store smaller items and avoid them swimming around in your bag. If you’re wondering, yes the bags come with a nice zipper under the flap.

For now what we can see (and buy) are the canvas bags, but hopefully soon we see more variations like the ones below from the fashion show.

Buy one from SSENSE’s Men’s Bag section.

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