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A Very Toned Down F/W 2016 for Hermès Homme


The French Luxury fashion house Hermès had such an awesome collection last year. The big H has always been known for silent sophistication, and though on the surface the collection looks boring, it’s in fact quite timeless (except for the shark Bolide!). But would it make you want to take any of these home?

Crossbody bags

This is a fashion staple for every guy. So if you don’t have a quality piece yet, look into the H House and buy yourself one that will last you a lifetime.

Cabacity 45

This bag deserves it’s own regaling, as we’ve done in an earlier post. Glad to still see this in the line. Worried though why I don’t see anyone yet carrying this around. I certainly don’t have the budget for it. What then is the 1% buying?



Big Bolide Bags with a Shark Face!!!

Come on, don’t sleep. Give it a chance. The ladies enjoy a Bolide in a two smaller form factors. And I suppose anything over sized is good enough for guys. It’s just odd that Hermès is trying to be something it’s not (cough*Fendi*cough). This is rather odd, and doesn’t look like it’s doing Hermès any favors.

It’s quick to jump and judge the collection boring, but really Hermès is more on the silently expensive trip. Ha!

Images from Fashionising.

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