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Gucci’s Humble, Elegant Collection for F/W 2016


Another fashion show for the stylish guido.

Gucci has been reinventing itself from the inside. It appears to be making hits on the women’s line with no problem. But as far as the men’s bags go (which had a nice spicing up some time ago), this F/W 2016 collection brings it forward even further.

“Moving forward” is an ironic description, since Gucci looks to have driven the 1970s vibe of late back to the present. And it’s turning out to be a success, because it’s still permeating the trends and runways, as it will show in the photos below.

A messenger for your thoughts? Glad to see the monogram put into good use. And the vintage web detail in this flap/lock number.


Totes then, totes now. And I hope they continue making them. And you know I love a good tote. Vintage web with bee embrodery, or in exotic python.



And it wouldn’t be a men’s fashion show without duffels. And Gucci keeps it simple. Monogram and with the green/red web detail. And if you’re adventurous: bee + florals.



Thaknfully, they didn’t forget to make a python briefcase. Of course with the web detail with an extra secure flap that buckles for closure.


Gucci makes it an exciting time to harken the old days.

Images from Fashionising.


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