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Valentino’s Boring Boy Bags :(


Except the Messengers. Maybe…

I’m not sure why the men’s lines are so subdued and shy this year. But for the second time this season, F/W 2016 Men’s bags for Valentino are so muted, it’s almost boring.

Sure, muted styles are timeless, but when it’s a fashion show, the clothes will rock and the bags will suffer. Valentino has a great line up for next year’s Fall/Winter collection. Sadly, the bags don’t get the love so much.

Below you’ll read the categories for the bags carried throughout the show, Totes, Clutches, Backpacks, and (perhaps the only saving grace in Valentino’s bag department) the Messengers. Comparing 2015 to 2016, last year’s was more exciting.


Handhold it, shoulder it, exotic it. Totes mostly in black, some with stud designs, and others in the usual stud outlines. Seems Valentino took a holiday in designing the bags for next season.


Valentino is probably one of those brands to count on for a small clutch with a bang. 2016’s collection is a bit disappointing though than last year’s color-block extravaganza.


Are we done with the backpack trend? Seems Fendi won the backpack game with the bag bugs and last year’s color-block Valentino styles did not win by a mile, but this isn’t even trying to compete at all.


Hope you’re not asleep yet. But perhaps this lineup of bags could all be working up towards these new messengers. It’s looking to be an awesome messenger / clutch however you want to wear it kind of bag. Multiple ways to wear a bag is always a thrill purchase.

Going over the top doesn’t guarantee designs translate to people actually buying the bags. And while last year’s was a visual treat, it may have become a sales flop. Who knows really. The bags look boring, but the tides may change on sales. But Valentino is new to the bag game, and they’ve had hits in their women’s lines, so maybe they’re still navigating their way around the men’s bags department.

Do you like them? Does it excite you?

Images from Fashionising.

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