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Fendi Men’s F/W 2016: Boxes and Fur


A year ahead, Fendi hosts a runway showing the house’s form favorites, and not surprisingly: fur.

Karl Lagerfeld is still in support of and in love with fur, famously fighting with PETA and definitely determined to rule the runways for a fur fashion moment, that even the men’s runway gets a full-on treatment. Clothes aside (which are all awesome), you’ll see in this photo album bonanza post below, that there are even bags completely made of fur! Talk about making a statement.

The men’s bags showcased here are iterations of what we’ve seen before, but last year’s was more exciting. Nevertheless, there are notable pieces in 2016’s line, like the new robot face bag seem to be sporting, instead of the starting-to-grow-old bag monsters. So, let’s get ready!

Square Totes

We’ve seen these before. I thought it was a beautiful bag but it doesn’t seem to have become the kind of bag that flood the streets. So it’s weird somehow to still see it in the runway, and I bet you never expected it in 100% fur.


Fendi Backpacks get a breath of new life. And that new face is so adorable!

Men’s Peekaboo

Of course we’ll have new Peekaboos. These now come in Large and Medium sizes. And let me tell you, it’s such a beautiful thing to behold.

Small Leather Goods

Luckily, there are smaller leather goods that we can enjoy if we wanted a piece of that adorable robot face (without breaking the bank so much) so you can carry it around with you always.

Hope you’re having a niceFall/Winter season! The Fendi collection somehow (as far as the bags go) doesn’t excite me as much. Were you also hoping for something grander?

Images from Fashionising.


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